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Tel 3G Telecom ™  was created in 1994 and is a service that provides users with unprecedented low international and domestic calling rates. TEL3™ serves more than 100,000 customers and is known as one of the fastest rising long distance service providers in the industry. We take pride in being able to give small to mid size companies the ability to prosper in today’s economy, and look forward to helping them stay effortlessly connected.

1994 - Tel 3G Telecom ™ is founded & starts direct marketing of its long distance service to end users.

2002 - Due to its expertise in technology and in business, Tel 3G Telecom ™ starts private labeling its services to major brand names in the market.

2004 - Following its big success, Tel 3G Telecom ™ introduces the lucrative Tel 3G Telecom ™ Agent Program promoting its cutting edge services to a broader audience.

2006 - TEL3™ continues leading the market with its innovative and very convenient features by introducing the Smartplug; a free application for cell phone owners, enabling them to make calls directly from their address book.

2008 - TEL3™ is still introducing new products. Our latest offer is the “Business Plan” and "TEL3Mobile Plan" which enables SMEs to save and control their long distance budget by saving on all of their international long distance calls

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