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International Calling Cards Canada
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International Calling Cards Canada

Call from Canada to anywhere in the world.

We’ve been hard at work in order to provide you with even better service from Canada so we’re proud to announce that we are now working with a new carrier and we have gotten you local access numbers along with Toll Free access numbers. Now you have more alternatives to save even more.
Access Type Access Numbers State/Province
Local Access Number  (403) 770-0458 Canada
Local Access Number (416) 913-8064 Canada
Local Access Number  (514) 227-6492 Canada
Local Access Number (519) 936-2551 Canada
Local Access Number  (604) 676-5109 Canada
Local Access Number (613) 321-2567 Canada
Local Access Number (780) 665-9992 Canada
Local Access Number (905) 228-7152 Canada
Local Access Number (905) 297-3395 Canada
TEL3 Apps Not Needed US/CAN
Toll-Free Access  1-800-9995090 US/CAN
Toll-Free Access  1-877-9533001 US/CAN
Toll-Free Access  1-877-9533003 US/CAN
Advantages of Local Access Service
  • Lowest rates with local access numbers
  • Constantly updated list of numbers
  • Same dependable service
Remember to add speed dial numbers from your Online Account Manager to make calls even faster!

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