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Best International Calling Cards
How It Works
Sign up online or call 1-800-330-6897 to get your FREE minutes!   Download free app or Dial Access Number   Dial any international or domestic number   Enjoy the lowest rates
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  • What are Tel 3G Telecom features?
    • At Tel 3G Telecom we believe it’s all in the details, so we’ve packed our calling plans with special features to make long distance calling as convenient and affordable as possible

    • * Use from any Phone and No switching carriers, No Internet       required!
    • * Prepaid and Rechargeable!
    • * Sub accounts
    • * Instant Access Numbers (IAN)
    • * Speed Dial (favorites list)
    • * Tel 3G Telecom APPS - Call directly from your cell phone
    • * Easy-calling feature
The lowest rates!
We will connect your International calls via our Tel 3G Telecom platform so you’ll only pay pennies per minute on each call. To connect to our Platform, you need to either dial an access number or use our App with your cell phone. Calls from either your cell phone, or your landline phone are debited from your prepaid Tel 3G Telecom account.
  • How can I monitor my savings?
    • Everyone likes surprises - most of the time. We know you hate being surprised at the end of the month with an unexpectedly high phone bill so we’ve created the On-line Customer Account Management System. In this system you get to logon to your account whenever you feel like it and see how much money you've spent so far and how much time you've spent on each phone call. Each phone call is itemized so you know exactly where all your spending is going.

    • * Online account manager
    • * Balance and Minutes Remaining
    • * Save even more with SMSavings Club
    • * Clean, transparent and trusted
Got More Questions?
To learn more about Tel 3G Telecom and its features and benefits please follow the links below or call 1-888-333-8353, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you!
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FAQs - How do I get billed?
FAQs - What can I do with my Online Account?
Best International Calling Cards
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