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Best International Calling Cards
My husband was recently deployed overseas in Iraq , and the phone cards you offer provided us with the opportunity to be able to hear each others voices even though we could not be together. Over the year my husband was deployed, I spent about $700 in phone cards from Tel 3G Telecom . That may seem like a lot of money to spend in 12 months for phone cards, but when you figure that we were able to talk to each other at least 325 of 365 days for a half hour each time, $700 is an exceptional deal. I just want to sincerely thank you for your service. It meant and still does mean the world to me and my husband. " Sara D. May 2009"
Service is excellent. Very handy . Keep up the good work.
"Jasen C. 1/21/2010"
Costumer Service
I have never used an internet phone card for calls before, but I am already thrilled with my Tel 3G Telecom . Customer service is speedy and polite, and my first international call went through without a hitch! Awesome!
"Shain 4/4/10"
Quality and Reliability
I was impressed with the level of service you supplied me. Working offshore and in a foreign count made things no so much easier for me to call home. This is only my second trip abroad and I know now I have the assurance to be able to contact my family at home using Tel 3g Telecom . Thanks Tel 3g Telecom once again for your support, especially the representative that called me with my PIN, which allowed me to call home the same day.
" Michael R. 01/03/10"
Card Info
Easy to use system. Straight forward fees and easy to understand web site - thumbs up!!
"Tamar 02/02/2009"
Best International Calling Cards
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